Feedback, Comments and Complaints

The Bridge Community  welcomes your feedback and involvement in our Community. Feedback may be complimentscomments or complaintsPlease find our policy on Feedback and Complaints here  

Matters relating to feedback and complaints should in the first instance be addressed to  local communities should in the first instance be addressed "The Designated Complaints and Safegurading Officers"

Concerns or allegations of abuse

We take concerns in relation to allegations of abuse very seriously. If you have any concern or believe there may be abuse involving a vulnerable adult or child in The Bridge Community you should contact the Person in Charge or "The Designated Complaints and Safegurading Officers"

 Please find our Safeguarding Policy here 

 The Bridge Community's Complaints & Safeguarding Officers








Miriam Fagan 

or 045-481597

Mon - Thursday 9.30 - 4pm








Mischa Fekete

087-9567760 at all other times



For details about our National Safeguarding Coordinator or nominated provider please follow this link

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