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Housing Provision

Camphill Communities of Ireland has been an approved body for the provision of Social Housing for over 20 years providing accommodation for those people living in the Life Sharing communities throughout the country. The first project financed under the Capital Assistance Scheme was for 21 units in Camphill Community Dunshane, Co. Kildare completed in 1990 and since then projects have been completed in most of the 16 communities in Ireland.

Housing Development Strategy

Camphill Communities of Ireland is committed to providing sustainable quality homes, choice and affordable places to live where people with special needs are supported as equal members of the community.

We are committed to a programme of upgrades and improvements in all our Communities. We also have successfully attracted Capital Assistance Scheme funding for a range of new and innovative independent living schemes which will provide 13 new homes in 2014 for people with disabilities.

Sustainable Design Strategy

Sustainable development is one of the greatest challenges facing society today, and at the
national and international level public policy is becoming more influenced by the need to fund the creation of a more environmentally sustainable building stock. With the building sector using 50% of national material resources and producing 50% of national waste it is imperative that architects and planners adopt sustainable design as a guiding factor in the creation of the built environment. Camphill is committed to sustainable development and has included many innovative elements in its use of public funds over the years.

Housing Governance

Camphill Communities of Ireland Housing Association is committed to the Voluntary Regulation Code (the Code): Building for the Future - A Voluntary Regulation Code For Approved Housing Bodies in Ireland.  Camphill Communities of Ireland Housing Association is a Tier 2 approved housing body and submits annual returns to the Housing Agency.

In addition, as a registered charity Camphill Communities of Ireland welcomes the Governance Code for the sector and is seeking to be fully compliant in all our operations and governance arrangements.

Camphill Communities of Ireland is a member of the Irish Council for Social Housing.

Housing Management

Camphill Communities of Ireland seeks to empower communities to manage housing at a local level. Day to day management is run through the local community.

A Housing Working Group meets regularly to develop housing opportunities and review performance. Quarterly Performance Management reports are presented to the Council of Camphill Communities of Ireland. A risk register is maintained in relation to our business.


In most cases short term or regular maintenance is managed directly by the community with long term or major refurbishment being programmed as part of the ongoing capital development programme.

Policy and procedures

Allocations Policy

Camphill Communities of Ireland will provide accommodation as a matter of priority to individuals with intellectual disabilities and to those who share their lives as unwaged volunteers.

As an approved body Camphill will consult with Local Authorities to ensure that allocations of accommodation meet the requirements of the LA while complying with the above priorities.

Rent and Rent Arrears Policy

Where applicable Camphill Communities of Ireland aims to charge rents that are fair, affordable and which relate to the funding provision related to the property. The amount of rent you pay depends on the type of property you live in. Camphill Communities of Ireland has been mainly funded through the Capital Assistance Scheme and where rent is applicable under this scheme an economic rent is charge.

The rent for the property depends on the size of the property and the cost of maintaining the property. The rent is set at an affordable level bearing in mind the circumstances of our tenants. Depending on your income, tenants may be able to claim rental assistance from the Department of Social Protection. Please contact your local Community Welfare Officer for further information or ask your Resident Support Worker.

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