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Standards of care for people with intellectual disabilities

Guidelines & Policies

Life In Camphill In Ireland

A description of the ethos, guidelines and policies of Camphill Communities of Ireland

This document was written in the context of developing standards of care for people with intellectual disabilities who live in residential care situations in the Republic of Ireland. At the outset was decided to take the 'Open Road,' setting out the foundations of our shared lives. From this we have updated and in some cases created new guidelines, policies and procedures. These aim to support a safe, secure, and good quality of life for those living in Camphill communities and are grounded in the reality of community life.

This document is the result of Camphill Communities of Ireland search to articulate a framework for our shared lives and a set of policies that will both protect the integrity of the ways of being that call people to this unique type of intentional community as well as satisfy the obligations that go with living with vulnerable people.

The process that produced this document reflects our communities' identity: large gatherings, brought people with disabilities, family members, volunteers, long-term co-workers, and outside resource people together to produce a flood images and words about our life together through drama, music, dance, art, and discussion; small group meetings allowed deliberation among all of us with a living understanding of the spirit of our communities.

We have allowed the genuine stories of individuals to help with the descriptions.The result is not a corporate or professional document. However the content is genuine and we express here policies and procedures that play fundamental roles in our lives.

The document is the result of contributions from many of the people living and working in our communities and associated Camphill initiatives in Ireland, from family, board members, employees and other friends of the communities.

We hope that it will serve all those that are living and/or working in Camphill to have guidance in chartering a way through their daily lives while maintaining the idealism that is so clearly part of our communities.

Available for download:

Section 1: Ways of Being - a description of the ethos of Camphill in Ireland 12.5 mb

Section 2&3  Guidelines and Policies for Camphill Communities &  Further Policies and Procedures adopted by Camphill Communities of Ireland  have since been superceded by a wide range of policies some of which have been localised for more information please contact your local community.

Section 4: Easy Summary 9.7 mb

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