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Camphill Communities of Ireland is recruiting senior roles

Recruiting highly motivated people to join an organisation  that has a heritage of community based inclusion

Openings for senior positions within Camphill Communities of Ireland!

Camphill Communities of Ireland is looking for highly motivated people to join our team.

We are recruiting a 

Regional Manager

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Principle Social Worker

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Person in Charge (Grangemockler, Co.Tipperary)

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This a unique opportunity to join a national organisation in the intellectual disability sector that has a heritage of community based inclusion at an exiting time of change.

The Organisation:

Camphill Communities of Ireland is a registered charity that is part of an international movement working with people with intellectual disabilities and other kinds of support needs. In Camphill residents share their home, spiritual and working lives with those who are motivated to meet others as individuals needing support and recognition for who they are, and not as carer and cared for in the conventional sense.

Camphill is a way of life, where each person according to ability contributes what they can towards the well-being of the other. Pioneered by war refugees in Scotland almost 70 years ago, Camphill today numbers over 100 communities in 20 countries. In the Republic of Ireland, 16 communities of varying sizes and settings are home to around 250 residents / day attendees as well as some volunteers and coworkers. As each person with a disability is a unique individual, Camphill has established communities and services that cater to a variety of support needs and is in a continuous process of adapting itself to meet challenges & changes in those needs.

At the core of the community is the recognition of the dignity of people with disabilities, establishing supportive reciprocal relationships with those who provide support as part of the giving and sharing in community life. Camphill believes that no matter what an individual's disability may appear to be, the spirit - the essential core that makes us all human - always remains whole. Everyone deserves equal respect and opportunities in life so that all may be able to fulfil their potential.

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View a map of all the Camphill Communities in Ireland

Map of all the Camphill Communities in Ireland


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