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Everyone deserves equal respect and opportunities


The Camphill philosophy is that no matter what an individual's disability may appear to be, the spirit - the essential core that makes us all human - always remains whole. So everyone deserves equal respect and opportunities in life so that all may be able to fulfil their potential.

The Camphill way of life in the western world is interwoven with recognisably Christian elements and themes. In every community there is a group of committed co-workers carrying out their work based on knowledge of Anthroposophy, a philosophy developed by Rudolf Steiner that emphasises the common elements of what it means to be human.

Anthroposophy is the source of inspiration for Camphill's healing work with children, known as Curative Education. It also helps to create a life together with adults, based on relationships of mutual recognition and support. In every community there are ways of applying this philosophy that are unique to the community, and ways which all communities have in common. Camphill is an expression of a Christian way of life sharing, but you do not have to be a practising Christian to live and work in Camphill. Anthroposophy recognises all spiritual and religious paths.

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